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Use code SAVE10 at checkout for 10% off your whole order!

RGB Smart Mirror Alarm Clock with Dual USB Input

by eprolo
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Product introduction:

RGB colorful gradient display large screen mirror RGB alarm clock dual USB output electronic clock

1. Functions: RGB display, snooze, 1 set of alarm clock, dual USB output, time memory, light sensing automatic dimming

2. Compatibility: compatible with iPhone and Android phone charging

3. Brightness: The brightness can be manually adjusted by 6 levels, with the adjustment level of 100% - 80% - - 60% - - 40% - - 20% - - off, or it can be automatically adjusted by light sensing. If this function is enabled, the product will automatically adjust the display brightness according to the ambient brightness.

4. Memory function: a CR2016 button battery is built in, which will keep the time and various settings unchanged after the external power supply is cut off, and the time will not be displayed after the external power supply is cut off, so as to avoid repeated settings for the next use.

5. The product adopts acrylic mirror, which can be used as a mirror after special treatment.

6. Power supply mode: 5V1A (1.5m USB cable is dominated by conventional shipment, and no adapter is equipped)

7. Design features: High quality RGB lamp bead display is adopted, with four dynamic gradient displays+seven monochrome displays. The four dynamics are: single pen color gradient, overall color gradient, gradient from left to right, and gradient from bottom to top. The seven monochromes are white, red, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple.

Product parameters:

1. Product size: 158 * 55 * 87mm

2. Screen size: 6.5 inches

3. Single package size: 167 * 40 * 95mm

4. Conventional packing list: leather box * 1, bubble bag * 1, product * 1, English manual * 1, 1.5m USB cable * 1, CR2016 button battery (insulated) * 1

Color: Black